Mumbai Flat

Interiors of an upcoming apartment in Mumbai, India. In a city like Mumbai the biggest challenge is dealing with the shortage of space where the FSI (floor space index) is the most important thing is our industry.

This project combines two adjacent apartments to create a slightly larger, higher FSI, more comfortable apartment. The biggest challenge of this project was the tight timeline. Time is Money everywhere in the world but more so in Mumbai. This project is finally at Handover stage after going through a rigorous design and interiors execution completely dealt by our team. Despite all the delays; the client is extremely thrilled to be residing in their very own new family accommodation.

A dash of colour in the living spaces complemented by a monochrome bathroom reverses the psychology of what is usually preferred. With eccentric taste of our clients this project gave an opportunity to explore beyond our imagination. We sincerely hope the clients enjoy their upside family accommodation and the sensitive touches to the spaces created by our team.

The vibrant colors used are perfect for creative people to mingle and feel lively forgetting the noisy and busy city of Mumbai. We have focused a lot on minute details where every part of this project speaks a story and memories of the process floods in at the same time creating perfect spaces for new memories, new occupants and new ideas.