Cheshire – New build

Comfort being had the opportunity to work with an elderly family to especially cater to the needs of their specially challenged son through his lifetime located in a small village in the north west of England. The client enjoyed travelling a lot and always wanted the feel of a holiday home.


Many spaces in the house were transformed into nooks and corners where the family could take a seat and enjoy some precious time together which helped slow down the pace of life and live the moment.

Special acoustics we accounted for the snug room downstairs which was meant to double up as their son’s gaming room.


We created simple and clean plain white render with dark grey doors and windows which blended with the surrounding and the neighbors and focused on the conservative old village of the British heritage.

Skylights with no windows helped in adding natural lightings in different spaces during the day.

We provided a sitting room at the rear since the lady of the house loved gardening.