This villa is a 2 story home located in the north of Mauritius, a beautiful tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean. Comfort being was tasked to design and create a space for 2 families which could live independently in the same building and create a sense of place and comfort that the residents would respond to and potential tenants would be attracted to.

Our buildings are sensitively designed to suit the surroundings and meet the
requirements of clients.

the luxurious high end villa has an exterior with a swimming pool which gives a sense of beach and surf culture surrounded by the most beautiful beaches of the island at a walk-able distance. The outside area was designed where anyone could have peaceful time ex: reading, relaxing and browsing with no kind of disturbance around.

The interior of the villa maximizes access to the light and keeps the house cool which suits all the climate of Mauritius given that in summer the North part of the island is the hottest area.